Extra, extra

The Observation Platform Daily – A daily summary of top tech events and news that this blogger follows. This is a great way to surface the ideas and thoughts of the people you follow on Twitter and create a commanding presence for yourself. Paper.li aggregates your Twitter timeline and presents it in a magazine format.  The Paper.li site cleverly organizes your timeline into categories and pushes headlines from the most popular articles. Videos, images and text are arranged in newspaper columns or the reader can view them separately in their own newspaper space. The free version let’s you customize the feeds and modify the look and feel of your mag. You can set the publishing frequency to daily, twice daily or weekly and you can even set a time of day to release it upon the world.  And if your potential readers can’t be arsed to seek out your Randolph Hearst-like aspirations you can set an auto Tweet out reminding your followers that your publication is available. For me it was pretty much a set-and-forget operation that keeps ticking when I don’t.  Check it out.


Ignore the ‘review hyenas’ kid and keep up the great work BBC News – Summly: Teenager launches top-selling news app. Another example of simple, clean design on an app developed by a sixteen year old.  I’m begining to think that every app design team should employ a panel of adolescents. Or perhaps a Logan’s Run style exit for designers attracted by buttons and sliders could be introduced. Summly is simply yummly