Ignore the ‘review hyenas’ kid and keep up the great work BBC News – Summly: Teenager launches top-selling news app. Another example of simple, clean design on an app developed by a sixteen year old.  I’m begining to think that every app design team should employ a panel of adolescents. Or perhaps a Logan’s Run style exit for designers attracted by buttons and sliders could be introduced. Summly is simply yummly

Let me make it Clear…

to the hoards of mobile app developers who believe an award winning UI is achieved by throwing together a bucket of buttons and more artwork than the Tate Modern has in it’s vaults; simplicity does a good app make.  RealMac Software’s Clear, a  beautifully simple yet sophisticated To-Do app  along with Grid, a incredible take on how a spreadsheet ought to be, from the team at Binary Thumb should be held aloft and rejoiced as the poster children for all things mobile.  Nuff said.