1. the process or state of breaking or being broken into small or separate parts

Fragmented Android phonesI’ve recently seen a few pop polls about SmartPhones, specifically the question: which do you prefer, Android or iPhone? You may be interested to know that there have been 5 iPhones with 9 flavors of iOS released since 2007. This may seem a lot to keep up to date with until you consider Android, which as I write has surpassed 11,868 distinct devices. The fragmentation and distribution of Android devices is a colossal challenge for app developers and testers to manage. Even supporting a website can be a problem keeping up with the weekly deluge of new phones and tablets. There are some tricks at our disposal to help us make sure the app works on the more popular mobile phones, tablets and phablets, but even so the number of manufacturers and devices continues to grow at a rate thats hard to keep up with. I’m sure you’re aware of the most popular Android phones like the Galaxy or HTC but have you heard of the more obscure ones? Here’s just a few of the lesser known but very real names (10 points if you’ve ever heard of them): Exagerate XZPAD700, HTC Supersonic, Pentagram EON Prime 2 and my favorite, the Wiko Cink Peax. This chart illustrates just how fragmented the Android market is:

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